faith n future

when u have faith u have complete faith…otherwise u dont have it

so it’s either you believe or u don’t. and everyone has their own prized set..what’s wrong in it. i write it coz just as a flashback i remember my first extempore…the topic was ‘what would u do if u could see yr future’…

i said i would be more ready to face it…no matter what i do it would be a foolish thing to try and change it…it’s all written..even if we know something, our course of actions will take us to that point in life no matter how hard we try to prevent it or run away from it…you write your own future by doing what u are doing today…

but where does it connect with faith..i would not have faith in the art of future telling…i would have faith, rather, in the person who does it…his intentions behind doing it…of course believing what hasn’t happened yet is hard core stupidity..but letting things fall in place as and when they are supposed to…just sitting back and watching(sometimes) is all one can do…i do it sometimes…n things do fall in place…coz what has to happen will happen anyhow…we just need to wait and watch…


2 comments on “faith n future

  1. gud memory ofurs. do u remember satyajeet bhaiya got the first prize in dat compitetion. he was i think an astronaut.

  2. i did not remember that…i remember i got the second one right??..who got third?

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