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The way of Loving…

saturday means chaos and crowd and the unbearable stench of sweat…particularly for those who have no options left but to use the metro between the 9:30 to 10 am window…one cannot and should not expect anything other than sweaty people and smelly armpits(yuck!!!!)…but surprises come in all sizes and suddenness..

today was saturday..so i saw all of the above…the best undoubtedly was the surprise part…in the midst of all the pushing and shoving a pretty lady was standing quite unabashed…peacefully talking and beautifully smiling to the person infront of her..strangely she was in the middle of all the dhakka yet quite away from it…just because the guy with her was keeping her out of harm’s way…standing in such a way that all of it came to him…and she was simply left to enjoy her journey..and it showed on her face

as if he was drawing a boundary wall around her…and it reminds me how unconditional people can be when it comes to actually loving the people they love..we get confused often “how to make people feel special…how to show what we feel” when it really isn’t necessary….when it comes from within, it gets reflected outside effortlessly…its not just about a guy-girl relationship…

loving anyone becomes very easy when you do it from the heart, expect nothing in return..and just let go…that’s where the best way..the selfless way of loving comes in…


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