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Every day I want to say

i guess m blogging more when i should be studying more (exams on…) does that convey what i want to say???

huh…i guess not. because, right now, i want to say so many things that i don’t have words…to so many people that i do not know whom to start with…about so many things that i do not know what to say first…myriad, labyrinth, maze…bhool bhulaiya 😦 my emotions have become and they suffer from the disease called selective amnesia(related to words).

those who have always liked writing, whether they are good at it or not, must have known, that the same words that add immense beauty to certain things: they sometimes are a great limitation. that thing about “somethings loose their things when talked about…” suffering from the same. fear loosing the exactness of what i want to say…or do i really know what exactly i want to say…or what i am thinking about??…

i guess no….sad again 😦


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