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Somebody said ‘Why is love…’

well somebody asked…actually people keep asking this question to themselves…oops!!! question toh likha hi nahi 😛

the million dollar question is “why is love so difficult? why is loving someone so difficult?”

sick questions !!…and the most diseased part is the fact that we always associate this love with conjugal love only 😦 . couldn’t we love other people around equally? mom, dad, siblings, friends…there are so many we love..but pyaar sunte hi dimag unidirectional ho jaata hai…phew!!…it is very beautiful to love your friends like mad, to love your siblings and parents as if they are the last people on earth..but nahi!! hum toh hum hain 🙂 aur jo sudhar jaye woh hum nahi…haha

this question always makes me smile(sick question…but still i smile). like everything else in life, we complicate love as well…the 4 syllable word ‘expectation’ is the reason behind it…sounds heavy i know. so let us simplify it. loving your father is easy isn’t it? because he is your father and he does so much for you…believe me, it will much easier if you also remember that after 18 he has all the rights in the world to throw you out but he doesn’t. selfless love. itna pyaar hai toh aur kuch kyun expect karna…realization time.

love people just for the sake of loving…not because of what they do for you. then it becomes easy and worthy. be selfish in love. love a person, share a special relationship. but not only because of who that person is, but also because of who u are…it is easy to love an absolutely amazing human being. but it becomes simplified if you do not expect things in return…if you love someone/something just because u want to…will help in appreciating the better things in life…

least expectations. that is why “‘when someone asked ‘why is love difficult?’ i just smiled…i thought i knew the truth”…

is it so… 🙂


One comment on “Somebody said ‘Why is love…’

  1. Nice one..but difficult to impliment.. 😦

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