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Between love and life…

Till a few days ago, I just admired these lines by Tennyson,

“I hold it true, whatever befalls, I feel it when I sorrow most…

It is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.”

I know some of my friends reading this would want to check if I am running a temperature or not. Trust me, I am as fit as a fiddle. It’s just that, some things have made me realise the better side of these wonderfully youthful, beautiful and ‘life-ful’ lines.

Having always believed in the philosophy; “Always rise in love, never fall…” I refuse to accept that an emotion as serene as love (be it any kind of love- dreams, parents, friends, passions…lastly a boyfriend/ girlfriend…yes they are last on my list) can hold us down. At the end of the day, it is what we choose for ourselves. Loosing is never anything new. We loose all the time…

“Ek saans kho kar hi ek nayi saans milti hai naa…

us saans ke kho jaane mein hi bhalayi hai…

wo saans jaate jaate ek pal zindagi de jaati hai…”

It’s just what we make of that loss. Do we take a lesson? Or do we loose ourselves to the labyrinth of the timeless time?  And even when we manage ourselves out of that maze, do we make a sincere effort at not going back to those tangles…however enticing or promising they might sound? After all; everything that looks sentimental and cute is not love. Life teaches us something each moment. But only when we choose it above everything else. Don’t find life in love…find love in life. It could be anything; a dream, an idea, an ambition, a passion…

Love happens only when you are moving ahead…if you are going back, it’s a trap you have created for yourself. There can never be a choice between love and life…it is always life that encompasses everything. Choose life above everything else…love will happen somewhere on the way… 🙂


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