She is a woman… :)

Women in a few lines-

Wo aasha hai…
Wo abhilaasha…

Wo apnepan ki…paribhasha…

Wo saath chale
Bann ke saaya…

Us sey jeevan…bantaa aaya…

Wo dukh sehti sukh deti hai
Wo aansu bhi pee leti hai…

Har pal ko madhur banane ki…
Jeevan bhar saath nibhane ki…

Ye… ek koshish…

Beautiful song from an old television program. And I believe it aptly sums up every aspect of womanhood. To the men out there- don’t make futile plans for your lady. If it’s not everyday that you make her life beautiful, one day won’t make a difference!!!

A journey in a line- From a small seed to a towering tree, from a mere mass of protoplasm to a thinking, breathing, loving being…life is not easy. It’s a journey of compassion, nurturing and forbearance… a journey only women can undertake.

Of learning and unlearning; of loving and loosing; of giving and only giving; of simply loving… of living!!!

A journey only women can undertake 🙂

She is your words and your eyes, your ears and your senses. Your refuge from everything. Your solution to life. She has all the answers. She is the one who sits by you and listens to all your stupid questions and answers them. She is a Mother!!!

She is your roof, your shade. Your soul mate. She is the one who knows you more than you. She is a Lover!!!

She is a bundle of joy…with her minute arms and huge eyes; a gift to cuddle and snuggle into- she is a Daughter!!

She is the foundation of the beauty you call home; she takes care of your home, your children so that you can go out there and be yourself; she is your confidante- she is your Wife!!!

She spreads smiles and makes your life easy
In taking care of you she feels happy…
In praying for you, she feels blessed…
a selfless soula benevolent gift 🙂

It’s just another day- a beautiful day for us… 🙂

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY…to all the beautiful women out there.

And this article on Women, I simply adore – My Mother


5 comments on “She is a woman… :)

  1. Glad that I am a woman… Women’s Day wishes(belated) to you too…

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