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Had not quite known; what it is, to bring disappointment on the faces where u wanted a 24×7 smile… a smile that was reflective of faith, pride, love, achievement… a smile, the reason behind which was: ME. Guess, the tables have turned now…

Needed to vent out; and this is the only place… An apology for all the failures.

Why Am I so important?
I don’t deserve it..
Only one request you had made
I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it.

Your dreams, hopes, aspirations..
I stand no where
I have failed you miserably
This love, I don’t deserve…

The bouquet of lesser flowers
That I had meant for you…
I’m sorry I couldn’t make
That fragrance, that gift, reach you…

I don’t deserve your love
This one thing I couldn’t do for you…
I wanted so much… that I win for you
Alas! I didn’t want to loose you.




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