Is this me ? I guess so …

I am not fond of very loud music…
Am I boring ? I guess so…

I am not fond of partying
Am I old fashioned ? May be…

I don’t drink or smoke or like those who do …
Am I backward ? Shayad …

I don’t talk much these days
Am I reserved ? Perhaps…

I talk quietly to my own self most of the times..
Am I busy ? It is for you to decide…

I write more than I talk…
Am I a recluse ? Whatever !

I like my birthdays to be a real quiet affair…
Am I not allowed to chose it to be so ? May be not…

I prefer to spend more on books than on clothes…
Am I a book worm ? I am 🙂

I am not much into fine dining.
Am I non – explorative ? Doesn’t matter …

I spend maximum of my Sundays at home
Am I not happening ? Theek hai koi baat nahi

Is this me ? I guess so..
Is there more to me ? Yes, I guess so…



8 comments on “Is this me ? I guess so …

  1. You dang near described me. 😀

  2. wah wah….very nice , if this is you!

  3. awesome aru di !!!!!
    even i can relate with some of the points 🙂

  4. Guessing reflects the “shilly-shally” way while it looks like you are sure about it.
    Nice post. I will come back for more. 🙂
    Keep writing.

  5. gud arunima di…..very touching…..as if Is this me….?….I guess so…:)

  6. hey arunima..
    read al ur articles..
    this 1 is ma fav..
    i will soon write a part2 to it..

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