5 lessons the BlackBerry taught me.

This post is inspired by a friend who refused to buy a blackberry because she thought people get addicted to it. They forget to look up and realize other people around. Here you go Teddy –


1. BlackBerry is an addiction but I am glad I am not addicted to it (My mom might disagree). Proof – my battery lasts almost one and half days 🙂 Lesson – you can choose to give in to temptations. Not necessary that they win over you !

2.The more apps you use, the faster the battery dies. Useless apps kill its energy.
Lesson – Same with me. Useless things, kill my energy. Uninstall useless applications on your life’s smartphone. Save energy !

3. The phone has great benefits. It helps me connect well with the best people in my life faster. I might always use a smartphone now (damn this bragging).
Lesson – Never leave the best things in life if they make it easy for you. Technology is about the benefits of the device. Not just about the device.

4. Sometimes the BBM slows down. Dunno who should I blame. Airtel or EDGE. It is then that I realize, I did live without a phone and I still can.
Lesson – It is ok to be unreachable at times ! That is usually the ‘me time’.

5. My phone doesn’t have an FM. Or an inbuilt photo editing application. At first I used to crib. Then I realized, it is supposed to be a business phone.
Lesson –  Keep it to the point. Be it anything. There is no need for extras and useless complications. The hard disk must be kept uncluttered.


2 comments on “5 lessons the BlackBerry taught me.

  1. keep going aru..too gud1..

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