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Shifting the blog.

Hi friends! Thank you so much for sticking to this blog with such random thoughts for so long! I have shifted my blog to a new address. Just the link changes. Nothing else. My new blog is Thanks Arunima The Glow of Dawn Advertisements

Originally posted on The Glow of Dawn !:
Women in a few lines- Wo aasha hai… Wo abhilaasha… Wo apnepan ki…paribhasha… Wo saath chale Bann ke saaya… Us sey jeevan…bantaa aaya… Wo dukh sehti sukh deti hai Wo aansu bhi pee leti hai… Har pal ko madhur banane ki… Jeevan bhar saath nibhane ki… Ye… ek…

Have you ever really loved a Woman…

I am sure you have heard this awesome song by Bryan Adams. If not, do it now – HERE .But before, do complete the post. For, I have found no better way to understand what love is for a woman. – If your lady loves you, really loves you, she will be very vulnerable in your […]