About Me

‘Early Morning Ramblings’ because – I generally blog after 12 am.. Very early morning ! 🙂

Hi Bloggers 🙂

My twitter handle (arunima_shah) best describes me ” Addicted to Writing, Addicted to Happiness, Addicted to Life”. Writing is my first love. That’s why I am here.

I am Arunima. My name means ‘The Glow of Dawn” ; hence the name of my blog. I am doing MBA. Which means, I will soon be ‘Jack of all trades, Master of None’ 🙂

I also do content writing for websites which belong to friends. Freelancing.

I believe in the saying, “If you are not inspiring the people around you to bring out their best, you are following- not leading.” So be inspired and also inspire the people around. Spread smiles. Spread Happiness. Make a few people happy in your life. It is all worth it !

My other blog – Kolkata Diaries where I seldom write. It is about memories of this b’ful city I live in (many might disagree.. and I would understand. It is difficult to fall in love with this place). If you have a memory to share; please lemme know. Would be glad to take in your contribution.

Thank You !!


7 comments on “About Me

  1. hey…nyc 2 hv seen a blogger lyk u….jst wanna say…dat..m too a kind of literary bird n luv to write poems n articles…n lyk u poetry iz ma 1st girlfrnd…so..u cn get well acquainted wid wotsoever i hv 2 say….jst mail me back if u ever wanna read ma poems…v’ll jst make u spellbounded…i tell u..!!
    -Vaibhav Varun

  2. Hey Arunima.. just encountered your blog while looking for lyrics of Shailesh Lodha’s daughter poem… and read ur experiances.. ur poems.. ur writing.. it z amazing stuff.. really i m not so active reader and always skims everthing which i reads.. but ur posts forced me to read everything from top to bottom.. word by word line by line… gr8 compilation..


  3. I liked the blog… the TITLE and approx anyting about your blog…
    KUDOS !

  4. Arunima, Good work..
    Keep writing & be inspired….

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